Pastel de choclo 🌽

Pastel de choclo 🌽. Choclo is the quechua word for "tender corn," or the new corn of the season. This is a typical Chilean dish, but is also eaten in Argentina and Peru with some variations in the recipe, sometimes using cornmeal instead of freshly mashed sweet corn. Lots of different flavors, like beef and onions, raisins, olives, and roasted chicken, go into the body of the casserole, and the whole thing is topped off with a thick layer of creamed choclo corn.

Remember, while blending the corn with milk, stop before the mix becomes too smooth. There are many interpretations of this Chilean chicken and corn casserole. In this one, corn cooks with milk until it is slightly thick, then whirls in the food processor until smooth. En este artículo nosotros haré compartir a una receta sobre Pastel de choclo 🌽 , hazlo muy fácil porque solo requiere 9 materiales y 5 solo pasos.

Pastel de choclo 🌽

  1. – choclo.
  2. – cebolla.
  3. – ajo.
  4. – carne posta negra.
  5. – albahaca.
  6. – leche.
  7. – comino.
  8. – pollo tutitos.
  9. – huevos duros.

Serve this slightly sweet dish with pebre, posted separately. Pastel de Choclo: A Beef and Corn Casserole. Literally translated, pastel de choclo means "corn pie". But this dish isn't a pie in the traditional, crusted pie, sense.

Pastel de choclo 🌽

  1. Se hace un pino de carne, cebolla, comino, sal y ajo; se rebanan los huevos duros..
  2. Ya listo se pasa por higuera o molino los choclos, leche y albahaca; se cuece en una olla; ya listo se coloca una capa después del pino..
  3. Se hace el mismo proceso se coloca el pino el huevo..
  4. Ya la última capa se coloca como adorno aceitunas y azúcar para que dore..
  5. Mi primera receta ♥️.

Rather, it's a pie in a similar way that shepherd's pie is a "pie". Actually, many people refer to pastel de choclo as the Chilean version of shepherd's pie. Pastel de Choclo Recipe Chilean Ground Beef & Corn Casserole This hearty comfort food dish is a classic South American dish from Chile. The meaty mince filling is baked between layers of a creamed sweet corn pudding that bakes up so that the bottom layer of corn is a wonderful, crispy consistency to contrast with the creamy fillings! Like a Chilean shepherd's pie, pastel de choclo tops spiced ground beef with a puréed corn crust. eso es receta Pastel de choclo 🌽

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