Every time Samsung launches a new flagship smartphone, it spends the next couple of weeks taking us behind the scenes and explaining how it came up with the unique features and/or design of that smartphone. The company’s doing just that for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip, and today, it is talking about the “story behind the Galaxy Z Flip’s fashion-forward design” in a new post on the Samsung Newsroom.

The most interesting info in the post is about how Samsung designed the Hideaway Hinge, which allows the Z Flip to stay open at an angle. Samsung says it did exhaustive research on hinge designs and had to cooperate closely among its many hardware departments to come up with a blueprint for the hinge. The ability of the Z Flip to stand on its own thanks to the unique hinge was a result of Samsung wanting to add “a new layer of convenience to the user experience” to its new foldable.

galaxy z flip design

Samsung also talks about how the Galaxy Z Flip is designed to offer a comfortable grip and how it “combined a smooth glass finish with precise processing” to make sure the phone would reflect a range of hues depending on the angle the screen is opened at, no matter which of the three beautiful and striking color variants the consumer decides to pick up (we here at SamMobile are really digging the Mirror Gold version, which is sadly going to be available in limited markets).

There are a few more bits and pieces of info about the Galaxy Z Flip design in Samsung’s Newsroom post, which you can check out here. As a reminder, the Galaxy Z Flip goes on sale in the US and South Korea today and is expected to come to more markets in the next couple of weeks.

galaxy z flip design

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